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Every year the federal and state governments are cheated out of billions of dollars by various businesses who do not live up to their obligations with the government.  The Federal False Claims Act, and other similar state statutes, provide tremendous weapons in the fight against individuals and businesses who have committed fraud against the government.  The Federal False Claims Act, and other similar state statutes, have allowed state and federal governments to recover tens of billions of dollars against fraudulent enterprises cheating the government.

The Qui Tam provisions of the Federal False Claims Act allow individual whistleblowers to file lawsuits against individuals or companies cheating or defrauding the government.  In the event that the government pursues the case and makes a recovery against the fraudulent individual or business, the individual whistleblower who alerts the government to the fraud is allowed a percentage of the recovery obtained by the government in these cases.  This recovery can be quite substantial and there have been recoveries by individual whistleblowers in the tens of millions of dollars.

Examples of whistleblower/Qui Tam cases include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fraud against Medicaid, Medicare or TriCare
  • Accounting/billing fraud
  • Failure to pay the government a proper royalty interest related to oil and gas leases
  • Overcharging government or overbilling the government for products or services
  • Fraud related to government contracts
  • Failure to provide the government the “best price” where required by contract or statute

These cases are handled with the strictest of confidence and your identity will not be disclosed by simply inquiring into a potential whistleblower/Qui Tam case.

Please contact me at 1-800-835-0019, if you would like to discuss a potential whistleblower/Qui Tam case or submit your case confidentially online at StevenCToups.com!